Who We Are

Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE) is a coalition of diverse organizations with the collective vision of creating economically just and environmentally healthy communities in California. CHANGE centers environmental health and justice in its work, campaigns, and policy development.

MISSION: We are a collaborative partnership of organizations that advances strategies to fundamentally change the paradigm of chemicals management, leading to more precautionary models of decision-making that prevent harm in the face of scientific uncertainty. We are committed to an inclusive membership, honest dialogue, respect for difference, and transparent decision-making.

VISION: Our vision is an overarching view that outlines where our work is heading and constantly guides our work. 

We aim to embody the Jemez Principles. We imagine a world of healthy communities where environmental and public health and justice are at the center of all decision-making and public policies.

A core aspect of our work is to raise public awareness about how we have been and  are exposed without our consent to toxic chemicals and how these chemical assaults affect our bodies and our communities. Coalition members and our bases are well informed and educated about toxic chemical issues and are trusted experts in our communities.

Knowledge about the environment and toxic chemicals will be widespread  and valued. Information about the health impacts of chemicals will be widely available in ways understandable and accessible to all people in California, so we are co-powered to take action.

Finding upstream solutions and preventing harm are embedded in our values and reflected in the practices of decision makers and businesses. In addition, we work so that systemic changes will be made through passing legislation that is community-based and rooted in the principle that all people in California be protected from chemical exposures until those chemicals are proven to be safe.

We are a diverse coalition that recognizes that our communities sit at the intersection of multiple social justice issues. We are committed to building bridges with other social justice movement partners and aspire to work across movements towards a toxic-free world. This cannot be achieved without a complete just transition and transformation of our economy to one that is restorative. Community-driven solutions will be at the center of our new, green economy that improves community health and economic well-being.