Breast Cancer Prevention Partners State of the Evidence 2017


On September 2, 2017, this report was published in the scientific journal Environmental Health. In this review, Dr. Janet Gray (Professor Emerita, Vassar College) worked with colleagues from Breast Cancer Prevention Partners to examine the compelling data linking various chemicals and radiation in our environment to the current high incidence of breast cancer.

The review describes our methodology for the literature review, outlines critical concepts that frame the data and then divides the evidence into 7 major areas of exposures linked to breast cancer. This document is a summary ofthe findings of the review. Full results and citations can be found in the original paper. Since 2002, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP, formerly the Breast Cancer Fund) has published nine editions of “State of the Evidence” linking toxic chemicals and radiation with breast cancer incidence. BCPP’s comprehensive website translates and presents this evidence for everyone.

The scientific journal International Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health (IJOEH) published our comprehensive review of the relevant literature in 2009. Hundreds of new papers published in the 8 years since support the connection between environmental exposures and breast cancer, and the evidence on this topic is even more extensive and of higher quality than that previously available. The evidence cited in the new 2017 review reinforces the conclusion that exposures to a wide variety of toxicants— many of which are found in common,
everyday products and byproducts—can lead to increased risk for the development of breast cancer. It makes the case for everything we do at BCPP.