Toxics in our Lives

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Reproductive Justice and Toxics-free Beauty Products

BWW Environmental Justice program goals include increasing education and awareness among Black women & girls of our exposures to toxic chemicals, chemicals in our environment and share strategies to reduce our exposure. In 2017, this program outreached to 27 salons and cosmetology schools in South Los Angeles (each multiple times) speaking with beauty professionals, stylists and managers on exposures and protections from chemicals in beauty, cleaning and personal care products.[...] Read more »

Californian’s Cleaning Products Right to Know

Companies that manufacture and distribute certain finished cleaning products sold in California should be aware of California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (“the Act”), passed in October 2017, which changes the requirements for product labels and corresponding websites.  Such companies have until January 1, 2020 to update online information for each product and until January 1, 2021 to update product labels.[...] Read more »

The Fight to ban harmful pesticide in California – Chlorpyrifos

California, one of the nation’s largest agricultural states, announced plans Wednesday to ban the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos is inked to neurological problems in infants and children even as federal regulators have allowed the product to remain on the market. State health officials said their decision came amid growing evidence that the pesticide, which is used on crops such as oranges, grapes and almonds, “causes serious health effects in children and other sensitive populations at lower levels of exposure than previously understood.”[...] Read more »