Toxic Fragrance & Flavor Chemicals Right to Know Act

This consumer and worker right-to-know bill requires companies selling beauty or personal care products in California to report any fragrance or flavor ingredient to the California Safe Cosmetics Program, which will then publish the information in its public database. This disclosure will give the public and professional salon workers the right to information they deserve and need to avoid harmful fragrance or flavor ingredients in cosmetic products they use on a daily basis at home and their workplace.

The current lack of disclosure of fragrance and flavor ingredients is concerning because of the numerous health risks associated with many of these chemicals. There are nearly 4,000 fragrance ingredients declared by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to be in current use for fragrance and over 3,000 flavor ingredients designated by the International Organization of the Flavor Industry. With no labeling and little government oversight, toxic chemicals linked to cancers, learning disabilities, asthma, reproductive problems, and other illnesses. Without proper knowledge of what’s hidden in beauty or personal care products at home and on the job, children and other sensitive populations can be unintentionally at risk of exposure to these chemicals. Personal care product testing conducted by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners in 2018 revealed that three out of four hazardous chemicals identified in the products tested were fragrance chemicals that appear on the IFRA fragrance ingredients list. Disclosure of toxic fragrance ingredients would give Californians the power to select safer alternatives.

Additionally, workers face negative health impacts as a result of fragrance exposure and have a right to know what fragrance ingredients they are being exposed to so they can also better protect their health. We believe that consumers and workers have the right to know what chemicals are in the products they use every day at home and at work. As we are all consumers, having this knowledge can give us all the power to protect ourselves and our families and send a strong message to manufacturers that we demand safer products that do not harm our health or the environment.

We support toxic transparency and safer solutions and we are calling on Sacramento lawmakers to lead. California can continue to lead the nation as an innovator in public health, environmental justice, and green job creation. Through this bill we are demanding for toxic chemicals transparency to prevent impacting communities and workers health negatively and create an economy where our health can truly thrive.