Black Going Green


Black Going Green focuses on the intersection of environmental and reproductive justice, looking at how everyday products can impact our reproductive health. More and more, the links between toxic products, chemicals, pollutants and the reproductive health status of women and girls are coming to light. Black Women for Wellness (BWW) knows it is not possible to shop our way out of the impact of toxic chemicals. While many may be able to a”ord non toxic brands of personal care, cleaning, beauty and pesticide products, sadly our water, ground and air are still impacted by the manufacture and distribution of toxic products. Additionally, low income communities and residents have a disproportionate exposure risk in the forms of manufacturing plants, toxic dump sites and cheap retail options. Everyone deserves to be healthy and that’s why BWW advocates for policy and regulations supporting community health.

This book focuses on informing and educating consumers about the wide use of unregulated toxic chemicals in our environment. On a daily bases we are unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals that exist in our air, soil, food, water and personal products. This booklet o”ers insights, recommendations and resources to increase our ability to make healthier decisions when choosing products.